Dress of Fire 

13th Repertory Theatre New York

Director Ioan Ardelean’s staging consists of a thrilling series of tableaus, precisely choreographed movement sequences and well-acted exchanges that are all optically arresting. Mr. Ardelean talents are most evident in perfectly maneuvering the large cast on the tight playing area. Ardelean’s cumulative achievements strive to bring clarity to this complicated saga.

Posted on April 23, 2018 by Darryl Reilly in Off-BroadwayPlays

Fourteen Little Red Huts

Medicine Show Theatre New York

14 Little Red Huts, a dramatic look at Soviet policy in the early 20th century that led to the deaths of nearly 15 million people.Ioan Ardelean, a Romanian actor and professor who grew up under the old regime, directs.

BWW News Desk, Nov. 18, 2017

"Perhaps the performance of the American theatre will inspire Russian viewers to study the creativity and biography Andrei Platonov." 2019


How to remain human, when social ties are broken, when every hour, every minute you need to fight for your own life and how to serve the common cause - this is what the Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble actors investigated."

Arguments and Facts Russia 2019

When Love Is Missing

Studio Theatre  Tîrgu - Mures


Lightness-Darkness, Hotness-Coldness, Emptiness-Fullness, Courage-Fear, Clear madness, Silent sound, Balanced-Unbalanced, US. Equality, Acceptance, Torment, Fire, Passion, Disturbance, Fall, Security and Sacrifice, The World. Unshackle, Awakening, Unleafing, Illusion, Freedom, Giving, Dependent, Independent, Toxicity, LOVE.

November 2017, Romania




The Telegram 

Solo Festival NYC / Prague Festival

The Telegram is a one man show about an out of work actor who’s waiting for a telegram to arrive and let him know if he’s gotten a job in New York or not. Ioan Ardelean plays Tudor and there are no words to say how brilliant this actor is.
This show will take one man and he’ll be twenty. Moments on stage will make you cry with laughter, others will just make you cry. Everything about the idea is simple, one man in one room waiting for a telegram, and yet it’s so captivating. You’ll never be bored waiting for this Telegram.

May 31st, 2016 Prague / Fringe Festival  Review by Cady






More - Cino Theatre, NYC




Heineken, The Guest of Honor, 

LEGS MEDIA New York/Los Angeles

...Worlds collide when... Tormod (Ioan Ardelean) and Linn (Alexandra Cohen) arrive, brilliantly conceived as histrionic, vaudevile-inspired circus performers in stripes and sequins.

Mathew Wexler, November 17, 2013


Also in the mix are the media, represented by two dancing, menacing, Cabaret-style clowns, Linn and Tormod (the very entertaining Alexandra Cohen and Ioan Ardelean, respectivly).

Dmitry Zvonkov, November 13, 2013


In a switcheroo of tone , Linn (Alexandra Cohen) and Tormod (Ioan Ardelean) hpo gleefully on stage, dressed like Marcel Marceau's children... They are the bloggers who report and speculate juicy news, their clownish costumes illustraiting the playwright's opinion of gossip rags and entertainment TV.

Elise Marenson, Nov 18, 2013


... two television reporters/media personalities, gloriously portrayed by Alexandra Cohen and Ion Ardelean.

Howard ("Prof") Miller November 20, 2013





The Last Godot

North Theatre Satu-Mare

Torn between pain and desperate desire for fulfillment Ioan's character reaches a paroxysmal state.

Vasile Savinescu, January 27, 2003




Of the Carnival

North Theatre Satu-Mare

Ioan Ardelean, reconfirm the talent I have appreciated in Peter and I praised in Romeo and Juliet. His character speaks, chatters, deceives and robs. He is coarse, crass  and comprised  of satisfaction when he can make fun of stupid, foolishness. Ioan's performance touches electrifying odds.

Mircea Morariu, April 18, 1999